Be Girl Clothing

From the time I was a young girl, I have had a love for children’s clothing. From a wee age I remember keeping a journal of fashion sketches. I loved to draw dresses and swimsuits and swore one day I was going to invent the 3 piece swimsuit. Even though I will not be making the 3 piece swimsuit dream a reality, I couldn’t be happier that I followed my heart and am designing children’s clothing for you all.
After my second child was born, my girl, my creativity could not be contained. I immediately had to have a matching headband for every outfit I bought her. As my shopping habit started to get expensive on a stay at home mom's budget I knew I had to get in touch with my artsy side.  I started making my daughter headbands as she had no hair and couldn’t wear bows . Not long after, I created Pixiedust Pretties and started to share my creations with other moms. As much as I loved making hair accessories, I always had the urge to create dresses to coordinate.
I ended up working with a manufacturer that was willing to put my sketches to the test and that is when Be Girl started to evolve.  My father in law nicknamed my daughter “B-Girl” and I fell in love with this name for my company. I loved the two-fold meaning, not only was it my daughter's nickname but I love the feeling of empowerment it brings to BE a GIRL.  I had spent lots and lots of nap times researching manufacturers and comparing samples. I have been lucky to find a wonderful sewing contractor that helps bring my visions to life. My goal is to create clothing that is not only comfortable but is fun to wear. Clothing that is unique, fun and feminine with a touch of vintage charm. Clothing that every child can not wait to slip on and never wants to take off. Clothing that captures the innocence of a child yet makes them feel independent and carefree.
 Thanks for supporting BE GIRL!