" A blabla friend is a friend for life "
"Our mission is to delight and inspire children by creating artful earth friendly soft toys"
We are loved because we are…
{ drum rolls please… }


Our dolls are made from a high quality handpicked cotton which makes them incredibly soft and huggable


 They are knitted patiently by very skilled artisans, one stitch at a time, one day at a time, each one is unique.


Our products are respectful to the environment, they are made by hand from 100% natural fibers.


 Fairtrade and sustainability have always been our philosophy. 
We’ve been working with the same artisans for fifteen years. 
We’ve watched their families grow and bloom.


 Each of our dolls has been tested to meet the United States and European safety requirements. 
Our yarn has been additionally certified to be safe and non-toxic.


 The blablas were first created by Florence Wetterwald in 2001. They are made with ancient skills, yet feel contemporary. 
They have been featured in many movies and magazines and are recognized in many parts of the world.


 We can’t really explain it ourselves, but a blabla friend is a friend for life. Children have cherished our dolls forever.