Lev Baby

Hi, we are Lev Baby. Lev, meaning heart in Hebrew, is the true essence of Lev Baby.

My mom's goal in life was to have 5 kids. I put my whole heart (and still do!) into my babies and home life for over 8 years. And then, one morning, I woke up with wanting more. My passion of fashion and style had been put to the side and I realized that I was ready to get back into that love. It was time for me to continue being a mom, but get my career back, what I worked so hard at getting an education for and the experience. And so, I created Lev Baby.

Lev Baby is your new best friend when it comes to bamboo baby clothing. Unbelievably soft and ultimately stylish. Fashionable prints and effortless styles for both boys and girls. We promise you'll fall in love. And I can't wait to make memories with you and your little babes.


Founder of Lev Baby