RuffleButts & RuggedButts

First, Welcome to RuffleButts & RuggedButts! 


We hope our brands bring a smile to your face!

Inspiration, disgust, determination, childhood memories, and a splash of destiny are all ingredients to this wild adventure we call RuffleButts. The moment is engrained in my memory forever. It was 2007, in a Target parking lot, when I picked up that old fuchsia flip phone and dialed my mom. "Mom, I finally have my answer...RuffleButts!". She was silent for a moment, then I heard a little chuckle. Turns out that chuckle is fairly universal at the mention of our name!

I had been inspired by life events, including an Oprah episode on entrepreneurs. I yearned for that passion in my life. Sadly, I was led somewhat by disgust; disgust in the lack of ethics I witnessed professionally. I was determined to do it differently. Add in a light-bulb moment while searching for a ruffle-butt baby gift, along with enormous blessings from Him above, and somehow I landed on this wild ride.

From day one, I built the business on the Golden Rule my mom had engrained in me. As a want-to-be-mom at the time (our road to parenthood was a bit longer than I anticipated), I could not imagine a customer more deserving of a high-quality, affordable and joy-creating product. I envisioned an apparel line based around the ruffled bloomer of my childhood memories, but wanted to do it in a way that was much bigger. I dreamed of creating a company that was so much more than just apparel, one that pays it forward and impacts the lives of others. Customer service and quality would be top priority from day one, 100% happiness guaranteed! We would treat our customers just as we would want to be treated. In full-circle fashion, we were blessed with the most supportive and enthusiastic customers that I could have ever dreamed.

It is with this story, that I welcome you to our RuffleButts family! Joined full time by my crazy-ambitious husband as our COO in 2010 and blessed with 2 incredible children, RuffleButts is a part of our family in every way. It is super personal for me and although our company has grown significantly since that memorable day in 2007, it is still very much my 'first born'. I am eternally grateful to each and every one of our customers, as we are well aware that without you, this dream that we pursue would not be possible.

~Amber Schaub
Owner & Founder