Southern Point Co.

    We all have little things in our lives that lend a sense of home and place. For some, it's a family recipe. For others, its a crisp newspaper and a warm cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. For me, it was a favorite shirt. I grew up wearing brand name polo shirts, and there was always a certain something in the look and feel of a polo that evoked a sense of the South for me. It's a timeless design, and over the years, it has come to represent a sense of tradition, style and class-particularly in the South.
     After graduating from the University of Alabama, I moved to Birmingham to work in real estate. While I enjoyed my job, I kept returning to the idea of creating my ultimate "favorite shirt".  Looking at the name brands on the market, I felt they were all high on Southern style but lacking in a level of quality and comfort. I wanted to create a shirt that would stand out ahead of the competition. All the while offering high quality, comfort and design. 
     At Southern Point Co. we focus on detail in both material and style. We finish off each shirt with a Southern staple, the logo. For me, the logo could only be designed after one thing- my dog, Greyton. Each Southern Point Co. shirt is marked by our signature German Shorthaired Pointer logo. Man's best friend representing man's favorite shirt. 
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