Baby Wisp

Baby Wisp® was born out of the desire to create hair accessories that stayed in baby's wispy fine hair and created subtle compliments to baby girl's wardrobe.   You waited 9 months for her to be born and now your little baldy needs some bows to make her look more girly girl or just accessorize her outfits adorably!  

That's what happened to the founder, Beena Masellis.  Considering Beena had a big thick curly mess of hair, it was surprising her baby girl was born with wispy fine hair.  Now what could she do about that?  Baby Wisp® was born...

The original Baby Wisp® babies have turned into kids in elementary school and the business has changed substantially from its Edmonton market roots. It's been over 10 years afterall.   

A few parting thoughts if you are considering making a purchase of Baby Wisp® products: 

  • We are trademarked for a reason - that is, we guarantee you that our clips are lead-free and meet the highest standards possible for metal composition, so look for the brand and you know what you're buying.  Being a brand leader comes with its woes, we have tonnes of copiers.  Make sure your clips have the Baby Wisp® brand affixed so you can trust the quality.  

  • Our wisp clips / mini latch clips really do work on the finest hair.  Try them, you will see.  If you're not happy, we'll make it right.

  • This is a mama-owned business. 100%.  

 We strive for quality and excellence by:

  • Committing to meeting and/or exceeding safety standards. Our clips have been sampled and tested for lead, cadmium, and mercury - how many other accessory companies do you know do this? Ask questions. Our friends and family use our products too and we have a rock solid conscience about what we sell;

  • Keeping informed of industry news and regulations;

  • Conducting frequent accredited laboratory testing of not only metals but paint and gems used in our products (All passed with flying colors!);

  • Using non toxic glues & sewing wherever possible to reduce the use of chemicals in our products and keeps your bows from falling off.