Mary Meyer

There was a time when technology was a mechanical pencil and a “mobile phone” was one with an extra long cord. The world has changed, and in many ways it’s for the better, but there are some things that can’t be digitized or made into an app. These are the sense of play and imagination that a soft companion can bring to developing young minds. Each of our characters is purpose-built for just that kind of play for your little one: listening to secrets, ready for hugs, and calming their fears. We take this responsibility seriously and we know you do too, so thanks for trusting Mary Meyer.

WASHING for newer soft toys, including baby mats, those with squeakers, crinkle paper, plastic activity pieces, and rattles:

  1. Give your toy a hug and tell them it’s all going to be ok.
  2. Place your friend into a mesh bag or clean pillow case.
  3. Tie a knot or use a rubber band to keep them safe and secure in their bag.
  4. Wash in cold water on the delicate cycle. Listen for their giggles.

DRYING soft toys:

  1. All toys should be laid flat to air dry.
  2. After drying, brush or fluff, and ask if they enjoyed the ride.
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