Ren + Rouge

We started off this venture as TX moms (and our six incredibly adventurous kids) with one goal in mind: to produce comfortable, durable, soft and 100% cotton apparel for your kids and for ours!

Comfort is our priority and we share it best with our story

Our shopping experience for our kids started off as excitement and anticipation in buying cute baby apparel but soon turned to disappointment as we found it difficult to find the right fabric for their sensitive skins, as some of them suffered from dermatitis. But – luckily – we soon found out that our kids loved wearing 100% cotton, and it provided them the freedom to enjoy all their favorite activities without any discomfort to their soft skins. Being busy moms, it was tough to find quality cotton clothing, too many busy patterns, mixed fabrics, and unnecessarily loud colors that surrounded us! 

We as moms, having our kids and taking our own experiences alongside us, find the need to address this. We got together and started talking and after much deliberation, Ren and Rouge was born. 

Ren means lotus, symbolizing love and Rouge means red, symbolizing children’s carefree energy. With Ren & Rouge, we want to share to everyone a perfect avenue to find comfortable, durable, soft and 100% cotton apparels for the little ones. 

Clothing from experience, unbounded love and freedom

We would reminisce of our own youth, growing up, our moms lovingly dressing us in simple, pretty cotton frocks that allowed us the freedom to explore and play with ease and comfort while still looking stylish and neat. We wanted to bring that same love and carefree freedom to our children’s clothing that we had growing up. Bringing comfort from one generation to another.

Labor of love, quality and design without compromise

Each of our items is handpicked and designed by us. Our clothes are made from 100% cotton fabrics. Each of our fabrics, trims, patterns, and prints are handpicked by us. In search of best quality cotton, we visited hundreds of stores, looking for 100% quality cotton fabrics and prints and only selecting those that we fell in love with!

And, so, we bring you our labor of love. We hope that you love our creations as much as we loved creating them, and we are confident that both you and your kids will love the comfort and style our clothing has to offer.

Ren & Rouge is not just any business venture for us. It is a collective expression of who we were as kids, and who we are today as moms! We want to spread this love with you all and hope you join us on this incredible journey as we find the best clothing for your kids

Welcome to our dream shop for your little nuggets!!!