Kubbi & Co Custom Gifts & Decor

Kubbi & Co. was founded in 2015 by me, Laura, a busy mother of two to Connor and Ashley, and wife to Michael. Kubbi & Co. has grown into the business it is today thanks to our very first product – our wooden name blocks, and the inspiration behind them.

I particularly love unique personalized items and when my daughter Ashley was a baby, I decided to not only make a set of pastel name blocks for her, but saw it as an opportunity to start my own small business as I always dreamed I would!

So… business savvy with a passion for art, an appreciation of natural resources and my wonderful family encouraging me, I launched Kubbi & Co. We now create a range of quality children’s décor, and personalized gifts for newborns. Our timeless pieces created lovingly, for your children’s bedroom, nursery, or playroom.

We take great pride in the quality of our wooden products, which is why we also take the time to carefully package them. Our blocks are more than just bedroom decor – they are a keepsake for loved ones and newborns.

So when you open your Kubbi & Co. products, we hope to make you smile!

Laura xx